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Leslie has been a great partner and coach for me. She is very attentive, an amazing listener, and has some sound advice to give. She has guided me through some of the smallest issues and has also helped me see the light through some of the toughest moments. Her knowledge, skills, and the time she invests are untouchable!!​


I do a lot of heavy lifting at a work. I once injured my ankle but nothing helped. Shortly after using CBD One Cream and using Renew my ankle improved. I can go on working without issue. I am grateful that Leslie recommended me the products she had been using.

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I have been getting cysts for as long as I can remember. I had a couple in my head.I have been using Eternal for a month now and my cysts are gone!!​


I was going through a difficult time at home. I needed some help & guidance. As my life coach Leslie listened and offered up ways for me to cope with what was going on while taking steps to make it better. She was patient, kind and an great listener. 

Tina O.

While working with Leslie I have lost 12 pounds with easy and healthy dietary guidelines, mindful eating and real exercise. Leslie is kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and diligent about following up and creating accountability. I highly recommend her and her Rise Above Programs.

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Thank you, Leslie, for all your time, knowledge and most of all your ENCOURAGEMENT!!! I was looking to change my eating habits for life, not just a quick plan that was not sustainable and that is just what I received. I am on my way to feeling better, looking better and being healthier while still living life I can enjoy and not feel deprived. Your help has motivated me to has small changes throughout this journey that make BIG changes long term. Thanks for helping me make the leap and knowing its not a quick fix but a forever healthier lifestyle!!

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Really my life before the program was very difficult. I felt guilty for everything. I felt that I did not fit in anywhere, I had many fears and above all I did not believe in me. Thanks to the program and to my coach who is really wonderful, I learned to love myself, to value myself, to let go of my fears, to believe in me and give me the answers that even knowing they were there, I did not see them. It has really been a few months of learning, being in the one on one program has been the best for me and my soul and I would do it again as many times as I need. I learned that it is never too late to love each other and it is never too late to live your own story ... without fear!

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S. Rodriguez

I could write pages about you and the program about how good you are. But just to say that you changed my way of thinking a lot is enough. You are the best, that's simple.