Meet Leslie!

A Board-Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Wellness Business Mentor. She helps women with high demand lives who have tried everything but struggle with feeling good in their mind & body. Leslie helps them focus on clean living & eating all while combining crucial mindset shifts so that they can feel their best and finally feel some relief.

I’m all about empowering people to feel their very best. Like myself, many of the people I work with have been suffering for years. 


My Health Journey Started Here 

Whether from autoimmune issues, weight loss resistance, or limiting beliefs they have been suffering in their own skin. They have been putting themselves last for so long that they have given up on finding a better way to feel good.


They don’t even know what that looks like anymore.. What I do is teach these women that is not selfish to put themselves first. I help offer up wellness solutions that differ from what they have previously been taught. I teach them how to look past what they think they already know about the food and products on the store shelves. I give them the tools to start shopping smarter and begin using cleaner safer foods, personal care & household products. 


It does make a difference!!!


See for yourself.

You can Live Cleaner. Dream Clearer.  Be Freer.

My Health Journey Lead Me To My Mission.

My own wellness journey began like many of my clients. After years of putting everything and one first. It felt like I had given up. After suffering a devastating miscarriage, and learning of my son's diagnosis of Autism/ADHD I threw myself into my work and advocated for my son's needs. I  didn’t pay single care to my own needs.I allowed life to pile on and weigh me down. My Autoimmune (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis) issues were causing havoc on my body. It was time to take back my life. And thankfully I did !!!!


I took back control. I focused on personal development. Began to live cleaner. Became cleaner with my vision. Now I knew I was made for more and it was time to help others in the same way.

I help people with their physical health, mental health & their financial health. By helping you improve your body's natural functions as well as help you turn your love for holistic wellness into a home-based business. In whichever way you are looking long for change together to can create the right plan for you.