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This is Me!

I am no stranger to overwhelm. I have lived most of my life in the fight or flight stage. Things only got more stressful after my son was diagnosed with Autism/ADHD. My life was already crazy. I    had a high demand career that took up a lot off my time. My wellness needs never made it on my to do list. As you can imagine after the diagnosis that didn't change.

I spent the next few years advocating like crazy. (well more then a few) Navigating the world of special education . Barely sitting still to breathe. Feeling guilty if I did sit still.Then one day I hit a wall .My autoimmune sympthoms were in constant flare up. The stress of my life was affecting my body even more than before.

That's when I knew I needed to make a change. And like right away.


I jumped head first into all things wellness. Learned the value of self care . Began to disect the labels of the food and personal care products we were using. Learned about natural solutions, clean eating and how to create habits and routines that would work for me! And they were working. I    had lost 91 pounds, gotten my flare ups under controls, corrected my digestion issues, increased my energy. The list goes on. That's when I    decided to dive in deeper.  Since then I  have obtained multiple certifications in Health, Life, Stress, Detoxification& Nutrition Coaching .I    became Board Certified with the AADP and recently completed a certification course with Cornell University for Nutrition & Healthy Living. NowI  help others BEcome who they were meant to be, To be a resource for the burnt-out hot mess mammas that live life just a bit different then most.


It's Time For You To ThriveEven in The Midst ofYour Chaos.

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