A Bit About Me !!!


     Too often we allow the circumstances of life to take over & weigh us down. If you are anything like me you take it all on. You are in control of so much .  You have a high powered job or business , you take care of a home, the family , you handle ALL of the things. Except the that crucial stuff for YOURSELF!

     The stress of it all can take a toll. You begin to feel it all over . In your mind, In your body and of course in your reactions.  Then you wake up one day at the most unhealthy you have ever been with headaches, chronic fatigue, aches & pains.  You have unexplained weigh gain . You are losing your hair and suffering from rashes.  You simply don't feel go in your own skin.

This is exactly what happened to me !!!!!

       Unfortunately this had been going on for along time. I didn't have an exact reason. I just knew something had to give.  Sadly this continued for many more years . It had gotten even worse when my son was diagnosed with Autism/ADHD. I'll  go into that further in my blog posts but it was like a punch in the gut. When the doctor asked us if we had ever heard of ASD before , the room just got completely silent. I couldn't hear a thing. I was in shock.  The diagnosis came just a year after my husband & I suffered a miscarriage. It goes without saying I was in a whirlwind of emotions.


     As difficult as it all was it was also the most eye opening experience of my life . When I WOKE up from the shock and consumption of all of that it was time to start LIVING freer & healthier .I needed to make a change. I was at my heaviest I had ever been . I weighed 230lbs . My autoimmune conditions were always in  flare. The symptoms were causing havoc on my body. It was time I took back control of my life . It was time for me to make a decision  and start taken action!!!




    Once I made that choice to commit to myself I was able to lose over 85lbs but more importantly I began to take back my life . I am finally not only  comfortable in my skin, I am in control of my life. I have finally found relief from my symptoms from my autoimmune issues. No more headaches, no more chronic fatigue. My  hair loss has slowed down... I even have new growth. So much has changed for me  and it CAN for YOU as well. 


Since this change I have been able to help other take back their lives as well . 

  As a Holistic Wellness Practitioner I can now help people  Rise Above their circumstances & help them become the best healthiest version of themselves . I specialize in weight loss & thyroid health transformations.

I have researched, studied & participated in multiple certification programs. I've attended the The Health Coach Institute where I became certified in Health , Life & Stress Counseling. Then I decided to continue my education at the Nutritious Life Studio Mastery Program led by celebrity Nutritionist & Dietician Keri Glassman.  

Whatever your reason for beginning your wellness journey may be I know I can individualize my programs to fit your desired outcomes.  We can start  with a jumpstart Reset Cleanse program or dive into a full immersion Reboot program .  I have a specialized program geared towards Autoimmune health to help easy your symptoms from chronic illness . All of my Transformation programs and services focus on the connection between mind , body and spirit . It all starts there!!! 

If you are ready to take back your life then I am ready to help you do just that !!!

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