Meet Leslie!

As a Health & Wellness Coach Leslie helps women with high demand lives who have tried everything but struggle with feeling good in their mind & body. She helps them focus on clean living & eating all while combining crucial mindset & habit shifts so that they can feel their best and finally feel some relief.

Leslie is no stranger to overwhelm. She has lived most of her life in the ight or flight stage. Things only got more stressful after Leslie's only son was diagnosised with Autism/ADHD. Leslie's life was already filled with high demand needs with her career. She really never put her health and wellness on her to do list. As you can imagine after the diagnosis that didn't change.

She spent the next few years advocating like crazy. Navigating the world of special education . Barely sitting still to breathe. Then one day she hit a wall. Her autoimmune issues were in flare up. The stress of her life was overtaking her days.

Thats when she knew she needed to make a change. And that she did. She jumped head first into all things wellness. Learned the value of self care . Began to disect the lables of the food and personal care products her and her family were using.  After losing 91lbs, cleaning up their home Leslie addedmultiple Certifications in Health, Life, & Nutrition Coaching including a Board Certification with the AADP. Of recently she has been immersed in a Certfication course with Cornell University for Nutrition & Healthy Living. Now Leslie has begun to find her purpose to help others BEcome wh they were menat to be, To be a resource for the burnt-out hot mess mammas that lived life just a bit different then most.


The changes she had added in her life and others do make a difference!!!

See for yourself.

It's Time For You To ThriveEven in The Midst ofYour Chaos.

My Health Journey Lead Me To My Mission.

Now that you know a little bit about me. Allow me to get to know more about you & how I can help you BEcome who you are meant to be.