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  • Leslie Migliorelli

Write That Sh*T Down!!!- Why You Must Make Writing In A Journal A Daily Habit?

Have you ever realized as women we hold everything in? We juggle everything. We do all the things. but we stuff our feelings and emotions so far deep. Thing is though when there is alot of pressure bottled up what happens? It explodes rights? The same thing will happen with our emotions.

Whether you are a special needs mom, caregiver or any women who takes on the world you know exactly what I mean. Those moments locked in your closet or bathroom. Pulled over in your car on the side of the road or just crying at every commercial or television show you see.

This is a bit of a hint that you NEED a release. But what does that look like for you ? Where do you begin?

I know what has helped me to cope with all the emotions of being a special needs parent with a high demand career and life journalling . I don't mean the diary writing we did as teens. I mean more of a freestyle way to gather your thoughts. Channel your feelings . Take note of your desires and plan your actions.

Have you ever thought how recording your thoughts can aid your future?

Writing in a journal can be an excellent way to do that. People have been keeping journals for over one thousand years, and it’s part of why we know anything about the past. Each person’s experience can vary so much that nearly anything left behind could be enlightening, but these days with the internet, journaling has become a far more private activity.

Here are some things to think about in terms of journaling daily and having it help your happiness.

It Helps You to Work Things Out

Keeping a journal can help you to problem solve. When you can read your words back to yourself, it becomes much easier to see what kinds of things are usually obstacles. This is especially true of relationships with others. Sometimes it takes a period of time to reflect on the events that have occurred, and a journal can help you to preserve all of your thoughts about feelings about a situation so that you don’t have to rely on the distortions of memory. This will help you to make meaningful and unbiased changes to your attitude if it’s necessary. I will tell you that there have been so many moments that I was able to handle better in my life because of reading back what I have written.

You Can Organize Ideas

When you write things down, it gives you a visual representation of how they can be organized.

If you have goals or tasks that need to be performed, you can see the order of priority that each task takes, and be able to focus on which ones demand the most attention. For example, seeing when you need to pay bills can remove a lot of stress from your life. If you don’t know when a bill has to be paid and you’re low on funds, then it’s possible that you could be wasting stress and brain power on a bill that might not have to be paid until a week later after you’ve been paid.

You Can See How Far You’ve Come

Give yourself a hand! You can look back and see how much you have overcome and accomplished .When you have a record of where you were, it allows you to see how much progress you’ve truly had to date. Being able to recognize your own progress has a profound effect on the way that we feel about ourselves and our motivation. When you lose track of how far you’ve come, and moment of depression and angst can make it seem like you’ve never accomplished anything, and you will begin to feel like you won’t ever see a day where you will succeed. Take the time to keep track of where you started.

It’s Good For Mental Health

This is the most import point of all of this. Mental Health is such a cruical pieace to our wellness.When you take the time to connect with yourself it helps you manage your core desired feeling better so that you can focus more on what it is that you want for your life.

To help you get started feel free to use the attached Journaling Ebook that will help guide you as begining this new journey for you

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Download PDF • 327KB

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