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  • Leslie Migliorelli

When the Pieces Fit

Updated: Mar 25

Oh when those pieces finally fit . What an incredible feeling .Often I get asked how do I do the things that I do . They tell me I inspire them or motivate them to make changes in their lives. This is both humbling for me and kinda uncomfortable at the same time. I wasn't born knowing that I wanted to help people with their transformations. It's not something I felt was part of my journey . For some people they know instantly who they are and what the y are meant to do. But for others , they search most of their lives for that missing piece. That ONE thing that will help them feel whole and purposeful .

The truth is as they are seeking out that ONE thing is that the reality is there isn't just one thing . There are multiple things we need for ourselves in order to find who were are meant to be . Think of all the things it took for us to get to where we are . Even if that is not where you desire to be.

It's important to realize how far you have come .

How much you have been through?

How much you have overcome ?

Those are the things that shaped us . Those are the things that can either make or break us depending on what we do with the experience .

It takes a sense of self-love and belief to learn how to use those experiences to strengthen ones mind. That's what is its all about . Mindset! With the right mindset you can accomplish anything and with a poor one it will hold you back from EVERYTHING .

I was one of those individuals that needed to reframe her belief system . I needed to learn how to use the strength from what I have experienced in the past to find who I was meant to be . It didn't happen overnight and It didn't happen down only one path.

It took time!

It took resilience !

It took support!

It took healthy habits!

Once you embrace what it is that you have been through you will begin to find your power from it. Again it's not any easy fight . It takes determination . It takes personal development . It takes surrounding yourself with the right people and mindsets to help pull it it out of you .

Over the next several weeks I will share with you all a bit about my transformation journey . Where I have come from and where am I going. You will see how transformation goes beyond my 90lb weight loss. You will recognize how your transformation is not just one layer as well. I will discuss how after years of advocating for my special needs son turned into me recognizing the need to advocate for myself as well .

I look forward to sharing this all with you and I hope during the process you will begin to see what changes you desire to make for yourself. Most importantly recognize you have the power to make it all happen for yourself .

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