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  • Leslie Migliorelli

This One Habit Could Change Your Life …. Even For YOU !!!

Updated: Jan 17

Our minds and bodies think in patterns! We’re constantly looking for ways to follow a pattern or get into a rhythm but it can be hard to connect that feeling back to our daily lives without some focus. I know how much routine creates success for my son . But for me , a special needs mama often with the weight of the world on my shoulder I had struggled forming habits to help MY life !

Creating a new habits for anyone is difficult! Every way you turn there’s something trying to hold you back. Often it seems to be happening on purpose .

But that doesn't mean we stop working towars creating them .

One baseline habit that is vital to develop is creating a routine for your life! FOR YOU !! One that combines all the things ... the have tos and the want tos ... not just the tasks to get the kiddos off to school or the errands you have to run . BUT a routine designed around the things you just don't get to for yourself .

So What is in a Habit?

Habits are the things that govern our days. Everything has a pattern, even the most menial of tasks you do throughout the day.

You might be in a habit of how you do the dishes, how you process information at work, or how you handle stress by biting your fingernails.

All of those habits are part of our daily life and govern each aspect!

Morning Routine

Creating a new habit for your morning routine can be difficult. After all, there’s nothing quite like sleeping in and snoozing the day away!

BUT a morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day. I know for me personally since adding a better scheudle for the morning has helped my stress levels immensely...... All that rushing around getting my son set was weighing on my own mental health .

You’ve probably seen articles saying that the most successful people in the world wake up at 4 a.m. and go to bed by 9 p.m. While it might not be the exact times that are the key, there’s something to be said for their routines! I know I've seen those articles and thought well I can't do that . Those people don't have my life . My problems. My to dos .... well that was naive thinking . EVERYONE has things that can hold them back too .

So i had to start small ... by choosing a wake-up time that allows for 8 full hours of sleep every night. I had to

Set my alarm and stick to it!

Not hitting the snooze button every five minutes until I've overslept, again. Then feeling guilty thag indidnt get my day started the way I planned .

So when you start this small habit change Once you’re up, get moving right away. Spend time doing some yoga or going for a walk to help get the blood flowing throughout your body and kick start the day. Don't over think it . Just move the way you can in your day . Maybe simply put on some music and dance .

Next breakfast can be the most important meal of the day so find time to grab something small that’ll be packed with nutrients and allows you to feed your body and gives you energy for the day. When was the last time you had breakfast at home ?? Something nutritious. Something that wasn't microwaved or from a drive through . What you put in your body matters and it does effect your mental state also.

Now that you got off to a fresher start . You can Finish up your new morning routine by drinking plenty of water and planning out the rest of your day. Write down any goals you want to accomplish, and any hurdles you need to overcome, and set them aside so you can check back in with them later and see what you accomplished! Having a plan helps tremendously . I mean You have one for your kids . So why not for you .

It can seem like a lot when you look at each step individually but putting it all together is quite simple. You may have to get up a little earlier than you normally would but allowing your mind and body time to create this new routine will have you creating highly successful days consistently instead of at random.

Daily Routine

The habits that govern your daily routine whether that’s at work or working from home or just caring for the kids, parents, or pets tends to create their own rhythm. There are a few things you can do to help keep this daily routine in line and continue being successful! The goal is to recognize which habits are holding you back and replace them with healthy better ones .

it can be as simple as sticking to your lunch breaks as closely as possible every day. The time away from your computer or workload allows your eyes to rest and your brain to think about other things for a short period of time. Even that short amount of time helps your brain "breathe " for a bit .

Take time away from your computer or workload throughout the day as well and structure those times so you get the most out of the break. Our eyes and minds can become overworked throughout the work day and need that time away. I know you know what i mean . Scheduling in a "bathroom " break . A "breathe " break or a Simple a get and walk away and come back break is crucial .The same goes for your phone... seriously don't take a break and grab your phone each time . That's doing the same thing to your mind as the work does . Take notice If you’re busy at work or staying at home your hand picks up that phone more often than you imagine. Take dedicated breaks from technology throughout the day to help your mind relax and refocus. You will thank me for this one !!

Don’t forget to feed your body well too! Take healthy snacks to work or take time out of the day to make some at home. Always being on the go at work or with the kids can make us eat poorly . For me this is where the emotionally binge eating occurrs .

Nightly Routine

The key component of your successful and healthy life is the type of nighttime routine you build. While your morning routine sets the tone for the day, your nightly routine is the key to your health and wellness.

I know you know that sleep is one of the most important factors of health! When you sleep, your body resets and recharges, detoxifies and wipes the slate clean for the start of the next day. You heal, repair damage, and build in new levels of energy. This is a must for your crazy life .

Create your nighttime routine with plenty of time built into it so you get a full 8 hours of quality sleep each night. Start with the basics of washing your face, brushing your teeth, and getting into your pajamas. Your goal is to create that relaxing unwind time you so desperately need drone the day .

Spend time journaling about the day, writing out how the day went, what went well, what might have gone better, and setting goals for the next day.

Put aside technology. This is not the time to do the social media scroll Choose a book, audiobook or podcast, or just some simple white noise to fall asleep to. Make sure the room is comfortable enough and drift off to dreamland!


Creating a new routine or habit can be hard but once you get started, you’ll see differences and changes you never could have imagined! I know I've used all my excuses to keep myself from creating the the right habits for me . But once i began i saw how criticle it was not just for my physical health but for my mental health as well . It's become such a big part of my life and it can Do the same for you .

To learn about what habits can help you cleanse your mind and body Click here for my FREE Detox Your Body Ebook -

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