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  • Leslie Migliorelli

Real Talk

If you follow me on Facebook earlier today you heard me talk about self- care and how it equated to success .

It is true that self care is vital for our lives . But many of us just “can’t” fit it in .

We have crazy worlds . We are juggling EVERYTHING but we often drop the ball on ourselves.

We are :

The working moms

The single moms

The care givers

The special needs moms

The female executives that run businesses

The women business owners

The women working 2 jobs just to make ends meat .

How are WE take the time to self-care ?? That’s just a trendy thing the younger folk talk about .

But it’s not !!! It’s simply TAKING CARE OF YOU !! You know putting your oxygen mask on …. It’s not always about massages and hair salons . Although those are great 😌… there is so much more to taking care of yourself first .

We CAN fit it in . It’s not selfish . And it doesnt look the same for everyone. It’s what works for you . But you can help anyone in your life if you are feeling your best .

You know what I mean….. your irritable. Your cranky . You have no energy . Your brain is foggy ALL the time . Your forgetting everything on your list and running ragged to get it all done . Not to mention your physical health !!!

But seriously your mood effects your health . Chronic issues stem from stress and burnout. Digestion issues . Inflammation. Inability to lose wait . It’s all connected.

So I ask you …. If you HAD to slow down for at the least 15 minutes a day for your own health would you ????? If you saw that helping your mood and health would you increase that time ? Would You make yourself a priority? Would you realize you are worth it and need it ??

Stop lying to yourself and saying I’ll beginning to focus on me in the new year . Your won’t !! Start today !! Take small steps . Again you are not a cookie cutter version of a woman . You are you … you have ALOT on your plate but how good does that plate feel ??? If you don’t take care of yourself you’ll have nothing on your plate at all !!

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