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  • Leslie Migliorelli

It's All About Releasing !!!!

I LOVE a good Detox !! How many people do you know that can say that? I'll tell you that if more people understand the entire concept and all the benefits they would say the would shout it from the roof tops.

Detoxing is about releasing what no longer serves you . Doesn't that sound amazing .

There are so many layers to a detox. It’s not just about food . It’s not just about the physicality that you are thinking of . It’s about your whole self ….your mind , body AND spirit.

It’s about your surroundings.

It’s about your LIFE …… .

Detoxing , Decluttering , & Destressing all goes together so well .

It’s about bringing you back to center .

Its about helping you improve clarity, vision & purpose .

It’s about eating & living cleaner .

Getting clearer and FREER then you ever have in your life .

Sound impossible ???? It’s not !

It’s a shift Ofcourse .

A change in mindset.

A change in lifestyle.

It’s a choice to not hold on to what holds you back . What clouds your thoughts and makes you not be who you want to .

Yes stuff does that !! Food does that !! And yeah people do that also …..

Many of us need to look at all that surrounds us detoxify our lives !!!!

Release what no longer serves you . Not that it didnt at some point but it may not serve you anymore .

I know how good it feels for me to do a good purge .

It helps me realize how much stuff we have and the improvements we need to make in our lives for what we collect .

I’m not suggesting you throw away everything in your home . But be real with yourself do you need it . How does it make you feel . Can it help someone-else .

There is so many things you can do with the stuff that you haven’t been using . Let’s face it much of it is collecting dust . How does that make you feel ? For me too much stuff around and clutter makes me tense . Claustrophobic. Stressed . Unsettled .

I know why that is for me . But do you understand what it is for you ???

Maybe it doesn’t bother you . Maybe there isn’t this kind of clutter around you . If not … Then that’s so great !!!

But if you have this kind of clutter around you and you’re like OMG that’s me … then maybe it’s time for you to have a whole life detox ..

Think of the possibilities….

You can repurpose the items You can sell them You can donate them You can help someone else in their life with something they have been needing but can’t afford.

You can create better routines Better energy You can have a sense of relief .

Fall is a perfect time to release what no longer serves you . I know I’m taking opportunity to release … what about you ????

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