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  • Leslie Migliorelli

I've come along way baby!!!

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

We all have.

Think about all you have been through.

The Struggles !

The Triumphs !

Combined they are what make us who we are.

I can only speak for myself in saying that the fight isn't over. It's a daily HUGE effort to keep my mindset, in check . Having peace and the connection between mind,body and soul is hard for me . I know i'm not alone in this.

Fact is , in the past I felt I was alone. Alone in my pain. Alone in the axiety of it all.

The stress of my high stressed high- demand career. The pain and guilt of my miscarriage . The constant advocating for Lucas and his needs . This is all not to mention my past childhood traumas but heck we would be here all day if I rattled them ALL

I took it all on .

Everything .

You have heard the expression Fight or Flight... well for me it was Fight or Fight.

But I have to tell you that IS exhausting. Frustrating . I've been tired. Overwhelmed and if I am being honest I have been depressed. I mean deeply depressed.

I hit my ultimate rock bottom after Lucas's diagonsis of Autism. well actually prior to the actual words being said.

All of that .

All of the fight went for him.

Thats it .

I had nothing left. Yes I maintained my career. The house . The day to day . Ummmm But there was nothing left for me.

My mindset. My mental health. My physical health. It was ALL a mess.

From not eatting to binge eating

Then Drinking a bit more to coping wiht the pain in VERY bad ways.

I share ALL this with you to paint that not so pretty picture so you know that YOU CAN OVERCOME and change your life.

You may not be here for the whole hot mess transformation. It may just be to release a few pounds. Of get you thyroid in check. Whatever it is I have learned in my life there is NO JUST. It all stems from somewhere . But if you don't handle the somewhere you will get no where .

I am grateful for where I am today BUT i am NOT done yet.

Yes I have lost 91lbs, my Hashimottos is in check , my mental health seems to be in balance ( for the moment) bu

t I know it takes daily action to keep going and be who I was meant to be .

I'm thrilled to have you all here as a part of this journey . It fuels me . It keeps me going . It helps me to see that all of that , all

the above may have happened so I can help YOU . Maybe not today and maybe not in the BIG ways but even one simple small piece of help I can help you with make my soul sing.

So welcome to my world. Have a seat . Stay a while . Look around . Ask a question or simply come along for the ride. Whatever your pleasure I am here for YOU !!!!

If you feel you need a much deeper more hands on support feel free to schedule a complimentary private strategy session to see how I may be able to help you even deeper.

While we are connected you

see all sorts of tools , resources , philospohies all the way . Pick and choose which will work for you .

As a Board Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Transformation Coach my approach is the WHOLE person. The mind . The body & The soul .

I combine self care, self development, movement, clean eating toxin free living and proper liposomal supplmenta

tion to help my cleints Rise Above & Own their Power.

I cant wait for you to own yours!!

Togther Let's Rise Above & Own Your Power



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