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  • Leslie Migliorelli

How I Started My Journey To A 91lb Weight-loss

Truth be told— this is a dream come true for me. Having this passion turning in to a purpose is so fullfilling . I haven't always felt purposful. I haven't always been living my best life.

I am no different then alot of folks. Sometimes life took over. I allowed what I did and who I was to other to define me. I jugglesd the world. Did all the things for others but put myself last. I was the Queen of multi tasking and sadly I wore that badge proudly. UNTIL…..

I just couldn't juggle it any more with out taken care of myelf . For so long I struggled with stress from work along with the constant advocating for my son needs. Add my own autoimmune issues into the mix and I was a hot mess.

FINALLY I woke up !!! My Transformation wasn't an over night success. It took time. I needed the right program . The right support. But most importantly I needed accountabilty.

Once I immersed myself in all things wellness it was like a ligt went on. I was fueled in ways I never could have imagined. Now here I am years later. I have lost 91 pounds and maintained it off. But thats not the best part. I am more clear on what I want out of life. I am freer in my mind. I dream bigger and I no longer feel done.

Now I am thrilled to have people like you here with me on my journey . Whether just by you reading my emails , newsletters or being apart of my programs YOU are keeping me going. I just hope I can do the same for you .

One of the biggest testaments to my success has been switching to a cleaner lifestyle. This isn't job to undertake. So much of the American Diet as well as products are just not clean . Infact they are toxic!

We will dive into that conversation another day. But today I want to share with you my Crash Course to Clean Eating Guide. It's just a taste of the small habit changes you can make in your life to start living for you . So download it now and we will speak again soon .

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