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  • Leslie Migliorelli

How I Changed My Mindset

I wasn't one of those individuals that always knew what I wanted to do or what I wanted out of life. For me things just happened. There were circumstances ,that were not uncommon to others , while I was growing up that I believe programmed me to just think about getting through the moment .

Don't get me wrong! I wasn't just coasting through life. I was working hard to stay a float. I built a successful career. I worked hard daily . But somewhere along the way I realized , what was I hoping for ? What did I want? Was I dreaming of anything bigger then me? No I wasn't .

I knew I wanted a family and a good life. But I wasn't dreaming any bigger then what my current situation was. I told myself I wasn't meant for more. See like many I had some set backs in my life. Moments that I allowed to take over and instead of using them to my advantage as fuel I got sucked into them . They were some of the biggest setbacks of my life. ( you will see me dive into some of them over the course of future blogs). I began experiencing high levels of anxiety and agitation; I was experiencing high levels of stress.I was a mess on the inside.

As time went on more and more stress piled on . I began to physically not feel good at all . I was tired all the time. Achy. Overweight. I couldn't sleep . I had panic attacks. I had incredible brain fog. I was so lost.

Although I had never really noticed the early symptoms as actual symptoms , I neglected them to concentrate on continuing to move through life. To work . To do the things. I seemed to always have those moments. " I just needed to keep moving ". Then it happened . I was diagnosed with Hashimottos & Hypothyroidism . By the time I was diagnosed my condition had worsened and my performance began to suffer. My doctor advised me to pause my and try to slow down.


Unfortunately I did not listen . I just kept going!!! That's the mindset I was used to in life. Shortly after I found myself pregnant . My symptoms worsened . Thankfully this pregnancy went well as you may have heard those with this particular autoimmune do tend to have some issues. Which I had experienced during our second pregnancy . But this one went well . Unfortunately once motherhood began I still wasn't in the mindset to take care of me. It was all about my son, my work and just getting it all done.

Later as my son grew. We found ourselves in the doctors office hearing the the words Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was crushed . I was more lost then I had ever been in my life besides our miscarriage. For me it was seeming that life was going to keep throwing these obstacles at us. That we were just going to need to maneuver through them . Get by. Get it done. I still never took that time for myself to decide how I was going to be. How I was going to heal and handle my own health.. It was all about everything else.

Until one day I woke up. It was time I persuaded me to change my lifestyle and mindset, albeit in baby steps. I still needed to make that piece happen.

Knowing that I have a choice

I needed to start to understand I can put myself first.

It's ok!

It's not selfish!

In fact its crucial for our own success. Our own health. Our future. But it all starts in your mind. What you learn over your life you know must relearn. You must reprogram your mindset.


Using positive affirmations

Positive affirmations have been a big part of my shift in perspective and have dramatically improved my quality of life. On a daily basis, I would reaffirm to myself that I would get healthy and get back on track. Most of my affirmations centered on sound health, positivity, confidence, and self-love.

Being proactive

I was determined to develop a positive mindset. By practicing positive and dynamic behavior, I was able to overcome my fears and negative feelings. Being proactive motivated me to resume my life for me. To make the right changes and begin to dream bigger. Since then I have gone back to school and completed several certification courses in holistic wellness. I started not one but 2 businesses and I am now helping others make similar shifts in their lives. I could have chosen to let my circumstances determine where I would go next as I had done in the past, but instead, I was proactive and decided I would determine my own future. It was time I would become who I was meant to be.

Writing and burning my thoughts

I used to write my thoughts and feelings in a diary to lighten the load from my mind. When my illness interfered with my other hobbies, I began writing again. I started writing my thoughts on any piece of paper I could find, and I would be honest with every word. Then, I would keep the thoughts that geared me toward a positive mindset, and I would burn the pieces of paper with negative thoughts on them.

Surround yourself with the right people .

Have you heard the expression misery loves company? Well how true is that ? If you are making a change of your mindset and you are surrounded by negative individuals it's time to change your surroundings as well . Don't let those people hold you back on your mission.

Although there is more to making that shift then simply working on your thoughts , surroundings and journaling its a start .

What you have to know is the only thing you can control about a situation is how you react to the situation; you always have a choice—do you react negatively, or positively? Will you allow this situation to hold you back or to serve as a stepping stone? Nearly losing myself in my son's autism diagnosis and my miscarriage could have been debilitating, and it was for a bit, but I chose to rise above it.

If I can turn my experience into a positive you, I know you can, too!

I would love to help you make that shift of your mindset . Join me in my Empowered Wellness Solutions FB Group where we will take the necessary daily action to make those shifts in your life. Click the link below :

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