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Bring on the Reset

I am not one to make others feel guilty about how they enjoyed or indulged the holidays.

I will never tell you that you fell short on your goals or that you ruined what you have been working towards .

Although I have lost a lot of weight & I help others do the same .

It’s NOT about the weight !!

It’s NOT about deprivation!!

It’s about creating balance .

Finding what works for you .

Which foods give you energy?

Which food take your energy away ?

It’s about being as clear as possibly & helping your body do it’s job .

It’s about how your feel physically & how you handle how you feel emotionally .

I am an emotional eater.

That’s my truth .

I eat my feelings .

I’ve convinced my self in the past that what I am eating will make me feel better .

Then I used my weight to hide .

Hide from the world .

Hide from my pain .

Hide from unwanted harassment


There was a huge part of my life I didn’t want to be “seen “ & I felt I was successful at that .

BUT I was clearly not happy . I wasn’t present in my life . I wasn’t feeling the joy of all the moments .

Again this isn’t about my weight !! It was about me !!

I’m truly grateful for finding the balance I so desperately craved .

For me It was about living & eating cleaner .

Putting my self first . Protecting my boundaries. Learning that saying no is ok . But more importantly saying YES to myself was crucial .

Learning to listen to my body and my emotions . Redirecting my emotional eating and of course NOT having those triggering processed foods in the house .

During the holidays I didnt do the best at all of that . BUT that’s ok ! I’m Human . I enjoyed what I enjoyed and I did pay attention when my body say “HEY lady !!’ Slow down it’s time for a reset “

So that’s what I am doing . January is going to be about realigning with MYSELF, MY BODY , MY VISION .

I’ll be participating in my own autoimmune challenge. Resetting myself with a 10 day sugar detox . And getting movement back into my day . BUT I’m not waiting for January!! ( I know it’s 2 days away ) … I’m not making this about January or resolutions or 2022 … its about what my body needs .

Today I begin to put me first again . So whose with me ????? Who needs to find ways to reset yourself ???? DM me today and see if you want to join me for a JUMPSTART JANUARY to remember. We can discuss which options work best for you ans get you going .

It could be as simple are substituting some meals with a CLEAN , PLANT BASED protein shake like the one pictured here . 25g of protein, only 1 g sugar . 18 BCAAS & 8 plant proteins NOT just pea proteins .

So what are you waiting for it’s time to do you boo and take back your you !!

Looking for ways to stay you new year off right . Join me for a complementary strategy to get you on the right path.

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