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  • Leslie Migliorelli

Are You Crashing & Burning ? Signs you need self-care

I can't even tell you how judgemental I was about self-care when I first heard about it. I mean I was like who has time for that??? Not me! I have so much going on . Life, Work, My son's needs. Self-care just doesn't fit into the scheme of things .

For those reading this who are special needs mamas YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN !!! You day isn't your own. But even if you aren't a special needs mama you you can relate as a woman that YOUR life often doesn't seem to be yours.

Too often we are wrapped up being who others need from us and not being ourselves. Which mean not connecting to what we NEED .

I know it's a hard concept to grasp . MY needs !! What are those???? Truth be told it's crucial that we figure that out for overselves. You can't ignor it any longer . You are always so wrapped up in the "things" that you tend to not even realize it . Do you know the signs??? Do you notice them at all?? Probably not! But you need to!!

In this blog I am going to help you see the Signs and Symptoms You Need More Self Care. They are there. Nut if you are anything like me you ignor them and just keep on keeping on.

For a lot of women, it isn’t always easy to know that they are experiencing the negative effects of self neglect. It can happen very easily to anyone when they have life elements like special needs children, financial issues, feelings of inadequacy, or physical problems. The time and energy that these various obstacles take to overcome can drain the energy of the most resilient people. Fortunately, the mind and body have a lot of built-in tells that alert you to the fact that there

’s some kind of deficiency. Here are some signs and symptoms to keep an eye on. It's time to listen to them!!!

Here's the #1 Tell Tale Sign-- umm You’re Irritable Often.. Is this you ?

When you’re in need of more self-care, it’s a lot easier to be upset or disgruntled. This is because the toll of going without what you need is beginning to weigh on you, and the resentment that you feel has begun to slowly carve itself into other areas in life. Being mindful of what is actually bothering you will help you to focus on correcting the problem. This can be especially true of long-term romantic relationships.

You’re Late Often

The tendency to be late can be caused by two main things, which are: the need to squeeze ore into an unreasonably short time, or the need to procrastinate because you never feel as if you rest completely. One example of this can be seen in the habit of waking up with less time to get ready and trying to complete projects that required more time to plan. If you are the kind of pers

on who listens to the alarm more than once, then you could be doing serious damage to your restfulness because you are waking up every few minutes instead of sleeping without interruption.

You Have Panic Attacks - Yeah I know this one all too well.

There isn't anyone I know that doesn't have stress in their lives. Many think there is nothing they can do about it .

So stress builds up in the body an

d cause it to have strange symptoms. If unchecked they can manifest into more serious conditions over time.Have you ever been getting mentalty rea

dy for an IEP meeting just to realize you have all this other stuff going on in your world. Groceries to get. Bills to pay . Laundry to do. Not to mention if you have a job or business.This is when an attack can happen. Panic attacks are often the result of stress carried for long periods without relief or any sort of outlet. We all need a release. A way to get that energy out.

You Struggle to Relax - Do you evert feel guilty just by sitting?


How good at relaxing are you?Not good right ? If you have trouble relaxing, it could mean that you need to spend more time relaxing. Sounds crazy I know but it's not something you are used to so it's uncomfortable . Not only that you are constantly running through your brain of what still needs to get done. It's like having lot of open tabs going on in your head. It never seems

to have an end. Try to designate a day where you take actual time to not have to do anything. Make it your time to sit without having to worry about completing anything.

I know on some level today reading you had some ah ha moments where you know I'm speaking to you . If that's the case and you want some help getting into a routine with your own personalized self0care routines then let's talk. As a woman who needed the extra help in order to find my path to wellness OUTSIDE my son's diagnosis and my career I am determined to help others in the same way I was helped.

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