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Looking For A New Stream Of Income? 

As we get older It is possible to discover new passions along with unveiling our purpose even if we have already set out on one path.


That is what happened to me. I thought my life way played out in front of me until I realized it wasn't. It was after my son's dx with Autism/ADHD that I first knew it was time to find a better way for us in order to provided a better future for him and us. . 


7 years later, I have built 2 successful businesses and it’s my mission to help other overworked burnt out professionals do the same & special needs parents to do the same.. By pairing their love with wellness and need for financial solutions. Launching a home-based business could be the answer for you as well. .


In today's world, people are searching for 2 things:

  1. natural ways to get healthy 

  2. Ways to earn an income at home 


With the right system and support, it is possible to build a sustainable business in the network marketing space. This could help finally provide the relief you have been seeking.


When looking for a home based business it's important that you do your research. With so many options you'll want to ensure you have found the best one for you.


You'll want to look for :

  • A disruptive product- on that fills a need and does what it    says it   does

  • Leadership- One with experience in the marketplace and a track record of success.

  • Education & Training - With many stepping into business ownership for the first time having access

       to a curriculum to help lay out the proper steps can be crucial .

There are many other levels of value you will want to consider before you aligned with any one company . I    would be happy to help guide you during a call so that we can see if the business opportunity I    am partnered with is the right fit for you.

 By partnering with Overcome Nation Business School & MDC you would have has all the makings of a successful business:


  • Low start up 

  • Low overhead 

  • Debt free business 

  • Disruptive consumable products 

  • No truck 

  • No inventory 

  • Ability to earn an income in multiple ways 

  • Additional incentives and bonuses including NFTS

If you are someone who feels it’s time to take back control of their life and start living it on your own terms then it’s time you and I have a conversation Click here to schedule a 30minutes information session where we can sit if this is the right fit for you!! 

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