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Creating A New Stream Of Income 

As we get older It is possible to discover new passions along with unveiling our purpose even if we have already set out on one path.


That is what happened to me. I thought my life way played out in front of me until I realized it wasn't. It was after my son's dx with Autism/ADHD that I first knew it was time to find a better way for us. But it’s didn’t end there. 


7 years later, I have built 2 successful businesses and it’s my mission to help other overworked burnt out professionals do the same. By pairing their love with holistic wellness and Turning it into a home-based business .


In today's world, people are searching for 2 things:

  1. natural ways to get healthy 

  2. Ways to earn an income at home 




With the right system and support, it is possible to build a sustainable business in this space. You have an opportunity to partner with one of the Top 50 Healthcare companies in the world and as well as a business development program to teach you all you need to know about how to be successful.

This opportunity with Vasayo and Overcome Nation Business School has all the makings of a successful business:


  • Low start up 

  • Low overhead 

  • Debt free business 

  • Disruptive consumable products 

  • No truck 

  • No inventory 

  • Ability to earn an income 8 different ways 

  • Additional incentives and bonuses including NFTS

If you are someone who feels it’s time to take back control of their life and start living it on your own terms then it’s time you and I have a conversation Click here to schedule a 30minutes information session where we can sit if this is the right fit for you!! 

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