Supplementation is greatly important for any healthy lifestyle . Many can tell you that the food we eat today isn't what it once was. However not all supplements are created equal. I have partnered with Vasayo as a nice addition to my creation of better health and wealth . They are the leader in Liposomal Nutrition and recently voted the TOP 50 Healthcare companies . The were the only Network Marketing Company on that list.

     Vasayo's Founder & CEO Dallin Larsen. is no stranger to the health and wellness industry . He made the decision to come out of retirement to change a million lives. In 2009 Larsen was awarded the Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the year. He was the only Network Marketing Professional to win this award. He is now determined to achieve his goals  through  providing disruptive products that can change the face of the industry . 
     Larsen's intentions are  to not only help make the world healthier but to help its partners be wealthier and more free. 
     I am proud to be connected Vasayo .The  products and the business has helped change so many lives . 

In The Press

With the millions of new people entering the gig economy, coupled with the expected growth in the CBD market, no company is better poised to create significant global market share over the next several year then a company called  Vasayo

Maria Fiorini Ramirez

World's Foremost Financial Forecaster 

Great things are happening with Vasayo; stellar leadership, amazing products with 4 global offices.. they're building a big brand. Don't sit still.

Grant Cardone

10x Rule author & Real Estate Tycoon

Its amazing to she what's happening at Vasayo. To be only two years old and have a revenue of $100 million dollars a year is amazing. I don't care what business you are in or what sector, that kind of growth is spectacular.

Kevin O'Leary

Shark Tank