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I’m so thrilled to see you here!! Seriously ! You being here is helping to fuel my purpose.


If you are anything like me you have done your fair share of researching for wellness solutions that actually work. However it often leaves you feeling at your wits ends. It seems nothing was going to be able to actually work in YOUR crazy world.

As women we are often feel burnt-out by our lives. We juggle all the things. We are  female executives, special needs mammas, head of households, and wives. We are Masters of so much but often we are failing ourselves. We live a special kind of crazy.

If I   am describing YOU then you are my people .We live a life with much uncertainty and chaos.  But when is enough enough?? When is it time for us to advocate for ourselves as much as we advocate for those around us?


I know for me it was time for me to take back control of my life.

Is that YOU? Do you want to change that?Is is time you breathed life back into YOUR life? Felt joy again? Passion? Purpose? Do you want to feel better in your own skin? Have energy? Clarity? Improve your overall health?


That's where I come in!!! I  help women like YOU, to reclaim their identity and take back control of their own health's. Are you ready to own your power AND breathe again???

Hey Hey There, I'm Leslie!

Ways I Can Help Support You

Group Coaching

Take back control of your life and use it to OWN your power in order to Rise Above & become whom you were meant to be.

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Join this FREE community of women focusing on bettering their lives and taking control of their health.

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