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Meet Leslie!

Rising Above.

We all have a story. Ones that paint the picture of who we were and how we became who we are.


My story may look different than yours ,but  something I think we all have in common is we can overcome obstacles we never thought we would face. 

It’s not always easy.

It takes time.

It takes strength.

It takes belief in ourselves.

By sharing my story, my highs, my lows, and the things I have persevered through, my intention is to inspire you to lead a life that when you’re 100 years old, you’ll look back and say… WOW! 


Take a holistic approach to your health!


Sometimes to change your life, it takes someone outside of yourself to help keep you accountable to the life you deserve.


Any questions? Please, do not hesitate to reach out!

How to work together

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Leslie has been a great partner and coach for me. She is very attentive, an amazing listener, and has some sound advice to give. She has guided me through some of the smallest issues and has also helped me see the light through some of the toughest moments. Her knowledge, skills, and the time she invests are untouchable!!

Kayla T.

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